28 photos that you will get expired of to organize a total cleaning day at home.

Admit it, no-one likes cleaning. The great procrastinator wakes up inside us so that we do everything except the cleaning, we were planning to do for ages. Psychologists proved that living in a dirty place for a long time leads to a deep depression.
Haven’t you noticed that the moment when you at an instance decide to clean your home, your mood changes and life looks way easier.
Beautiful World presents you 23 examples of before and after cleaning that made us feel satisfied.

1. After 2 years of depression I cleaned up my room and now I feel much happier

2. Basic storage system and the life is easier

3. On the left side our garden bench that haven’t been washed for 16 years

4. A perfect result of an effective Sunday

5. Interior designer is not needed, just a cleaner

6. My husband likes cleaning up the kitchen. This is how it looks like when he is absent

7. Washed stairs that looks like new

8. The explanation of world polishing in one picture

9. I washed the stones in the fountain

10. It’s hard to start, but the result is worth it

11. Cleaned after 5 years

12. I always thought that this table is green

13. My new cool car

14. Cleaner than ever

15. Magic

16. A real cleaner at work

17. The whole beauty of your car

18. We wanted to buy new ones, but decided to clean the old ones

19. 50+ years of dirt

20. He cleaned his whole house… from outside

21. Perfect cleaning done

22. A dream house. It appears that you only need to clean up yours.