28 Sculptures From All Over The World, That We Can Proudly Call Modern Masterpieces.

Sculptures are one of the most demanding art types. While drawing, you can not think about the desired result in the beginning. However, sculpturing is different. The artist has to know in advance the result he wants to get. Working with shapes, creating the whole piece from the beginning – this is what makes sculpturing so intricate and exciting.

Beautiful World collected 28 fascinating pieces of art, which can be called the masterpieces of modern

1. Australia, sculpture with the effect of the illusion — “Stairway to Heaven”

2. Ukraine – “Rain”

3. USA – “Spoon Bridge and Cherry”

4. Chile – “Desert Hand”

5. Taiwan — Hippos

6. Switzerland – “Caring Hand”

7. Switzerland -«Melancholy»

8. Romania – “Mihai Eminesc”

9. Hungary

10. Mexico — underwater museum

11. Italy — «The Force of Nature»

12. USA, fountain-sculpture — «Metamorphosis»

13. Great Britain. Park Lane Elephant statue.

14. Great Britain – “Headington Shark”

It is very popular for taking photos with.

15. Sweden – “No to Violence”

16. USA — «Cattle Drive»

17. New Zealand – “Horizons”

18. Joke over a policeman, Brussels, Belgium

19. Italy – “Colossus”

20. Famous sculpture in Slovakia

21.Prague, Czech Republic — “The Hanging Man”

22. France – “Building is watching you’

23. Great Britain

24. “Salmon” in the USA

25. Wire sculptures in the UK

26. Lithuania – “The Black Ghost”

27. USA – “Freedom”

28. Russia — a monument to chocolate

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