29 reasons why you shouldn’t visit Portugal.

At some point we all were planning to visit Portugal, or one day we will start. But we want to warn you there is no reason to visit Portugal. Save your money for another trip.
Beautiful World shares with you 29 reasons that will make you cancel your trip to Portugal.

1. There is just ordinary nature

2. No specific buildings and architecture to see

3. No historical heritages to explore

4. The cities are very boring and not interesting

5. It’s so warm there that you will dream about going back to home

6. It’s easy to get lost

7. The beaches are overcrowded

8. Sea is dirty and you wouldn’t enjoy swimming in it

9. The sea looks like an ordinary water reservoir

10. Landscapes aren’t surprising

11. There are only ruins everywhere

12. Islands? Nothing interesting

13. It’s a boring country with boring people

14. Everywhere is the same

15. There is nothing to do, you can do the same at your home

16. Food is not delicious, and you would have to eat from supermarkets

17. There is not a single traditional food

18. And in Porto there is no delicious wine

19. The sky is always cloudy and there is no sun at all

20. Winters are dry without snow

21. Everything is monotonous

22. Just look at these houses

23. None of your friends would agree to come with you

24. Your Instagram will get down if you post anything from Portugal

25. Nowhere to have evenings promenade

26. Weather is terrible, just look at these waves

27. Old buildings everywhere.

28. Just cancel Portugal from your “must visit” list

29. You wouldn’t enjoy anything here

Now tell us the truth, did you already book your tickets after this article? We did.