35 Celebrities Who Became Mothers After 40 and Look Stunning.

20 years ago, it was very uncommon to become a mother after 40. Women preferred having babies at an early age so that the body would be able to recover faster. However, with time everything has changed. People started doing sport regularly, eat healthy food, and it’s not an issue anymore.

Beautiful World would like to present to you 35 motivating celebrities who showed that having a baby after 40 is rational. They look stunning and happy.

1. Mariah Carey
In 2011 she was 42 and gave birth to sweet twins

2. Naomi Watts
In 2007 she was already 40 years old and gave birth to her first child. One year later her second son was born.

3. Rachel Weiss
Rachel had a baby in 2006, however when she was already 48, she decided to have her second one. She looks incredible.

4. Carla Bruni
Carla had already a child when in 2011, her daughter was born. At that time, she was already 43.

5. Annette Bening
Annette is a happy mother of four incredible children. Her youngster one was born in 2000, when Annette was already 42.

6. Eva Mendes
She has two daughters, the second one was born when Eva was 42.

7. Julianne Moore
Even though she had her first baby when she was 37, Julianna gave birth to her daughter when she was 42.

8. Janet Jackson
Janet surprised everyone when in 2016 she gave birth to her first child. At that time, she was already 50.

9. Kim Basinger
She first became mother when she was already 41.

10. Halle Berry
Her first baby was born when she was 41, and 5 years later she gave birth to her son.

11. Brigitte Nielsen
The model had her fifth child when she was 54 years old. It’s incredible.

12. Nicole Kidman
She first had child when she was 41.

13. Laura Linney
In 2014 the actress had her first son. She was 49.

14. Milla Jovovich
The 43-year-old actress is waiting for her third child in 2020. She is gorgeous.

15. Marcia Cross
In 2007 the 45-year-old actress gave birth to the beautiful twins.

16. Julia Roberts
She had her third baby at 40.

17. Jennifer Connelly
When she was 41, she had her third child.

18. Tina Fey
She had her baby when she was 41.

19. Eva Longoria
She had her first baby when she was 43.

20. Salma Hayek
In 2007 Salma had daughter. She was 41 years old.

21. Helen Hunt – 40 years old

22. Emma Thompson – 40 years old

23. Celine Dion – 42 years old

24. Madonna
Madonna has six children. In 2000, she had her son when she was 41.

25. Gina Davis – 46 years old

26. Alanis Morissette – 44 years old

27. Susan Sarandon – she was 46 when she gave birth to her son.

28. Uma Thurman
She had her third child when she was 41.

29. Brooke Shields – 40 years old

30. Meryl Streep – 41 years old

31. Cameron Diaz – 47 years old

32. Kelly Preston – 47 years old

33. Gwen Stefani – 44 years old

34. Alyssa Milano – 42 years old

35. Monica Bellucci
The love of all men and women had her first daughter when she was already 40 years old. 5 year later she gave birth to her second daughter.

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