35 Unique Cats Who Have Unusual Fur Markings.

Animals are a priori quite beautiful and charming creatures. Especially cats. With the development of the internet, cats became an unseparated part of our daily portion of positivity. Some cats are unique, and we are glad that nowadays it is easier to show their pictures to the public.
Beautiful World would like to share photos of unique cats who have unusual fur markings and look hilarious. These photos will make your day!

1. This kitty looks like Colin Farrell. His name is Sam and he has gorgeous eyebrows

2. When you always have your back protected. Double kitties

3. This cat seems to be made of marble

4. Exclamation butt!

5. My French admiral with his heroic mustache

6. Catman – the new Marvel hero, who has mask from the own fur

7. My cinnamon roll

8. Mein Fuehrer! This cat has very sweet character and looks really funny

9. This kitty has a heart on his nose

10. He expresses love even when he just lies

11. Zorro, don’t mess with this cat!

12. My cat always looks surprised

13. Cat #1, look at the white fur on his nose

14. He is not a mutant with four eyes, it is his fur

15. Cat on the nose of the cat

16. The cat from Game of Thrones, with a sword on the back

17. This arrow is pointing at something. Isn’t it?

18. Batman sing on my Catman

19. Love, love everywhere

20. He is not dirty, he simply has eyebrows

21. My totally black cat with pink nose

22. My cat’ fur looks like a squirrel

23. Paw in paw

24. Harry Catter – a cat who has a sign left on its head

25. She has her heart in the right place

26. My mathematician, who has triangle on his shoulder

27. Joker

28. Incredible marking on his eyes

Which one impressed you the most? Please tell us in the comments.