8 Children Who Had The Luck To Have Gorgeous Aunts That Make Their Childhood So Cool.

Scientists proved that having an aunty as your best friends helps kids to be psychologically more stable. Except for the parents, aunts are the ones who love the kid unconditionally, which gives a sense of self-confidence to the kids. An aunt who is ready to share her wisdom and, at the same time, be your partner in crime is great. Sometimes, kids feel uncomfortable to share some thoughts with parents, and here is the hardest job for aunt to listen to the kids, give them a piece of good advice without harming their feeling.

Beautiful World would like to share eight aunts that everyone would dream to have. Except for being so talented and motivating, they are always there for you to make your life joyful.


1. Khloe Kardashyan – some grown-ups stuff together is the best way to gain niece’s trust

2. Britney Spears – she is always there to speak about your feelings

3. Julia Roberts – she is the one who always motivates for greater success

Emma Roberts: Happy Birthday Aunt @juliaroberts you are the queen! I love you Supplied by Instagram.com/face to face

4. Sophie Turner – she would do anything to make you feel better and happier

5. Zendaya – she will take you to the first red carpet and will do the craziest things just to make this day even more special for you

6. Kendal Jenner – the one who will support you in any situation

7. Kim Kardashian – the one who knows you from your birth and your parents from their childhood. She will always help to find common grounds with your parents

8. Beyonce – the one who will turn any ordinary shopping into a gorgeous show

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