A Hidden Gem Of Thailand Amazes With Its Majestic Architecture And Incredible Ambiance.

One of the most incredible temples of Thailand is located in Samphran region. Rose temple is called Wat Samphran and is hidden from touristic eyes. The idea of the temple came to the creator’s mind when he was meditating for seven days. 80 meters symbolizes the duration of Buddha’s life.
This temple isn’t mentioned in any tour guides of Thailand. Most of the Thai people don’t know about them, however some tourists manage to find it and get there.



Currently the stairways aren’t in the good conditions and it is not allowed for the visitors to go high up until the end. Many monks live in the temple and that parts of the temple are closed for the visitors. There is a special entrance leading to the dragon body. However, it’s important to mention that there is no light in it. The temple is located in a complex, where you can also see beautiful golden statues of Buddha. Even though there is an elevator in the temple, everyone has to take the stairway.






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