A husky forced his owner with a disability to go to the forest and saved the lives of seven kittens.

Day by day there are more and more incredible discoveries that might impact the path of the whole planet; however, sometimes little expressions of kindness are much more important. Isn’t it like that? When you are kind to one person or animal, it transfers to the others.

We at “Beautiful World” are strongly convinced that the kindness in the daily routine can change the whole world to the best. This is why we are sharing this warm story with you.

Whitney Brawly is a woman with a disability. She has 3 kids and a dog – husky Banner. Banner helps the owner very much and is usually very obedient, however, once Banner behaved very strange. One day she was barking all the time, was jumping on Brawly and seemed very nervous. Brawly could do nothing with her, nothing was calming the dog down.

In the end, Brawly decided to go out with the dog. Husky took the road to the forest. Usually, she was walking slowly to help Brawly with the disability chair, however at this time she was running very fast. Brawly could barely keep up with the dog.

Finally, she saw the dog next to a box. Banner put her mouth into the box and took out a kitten. When Brawly approached she saw seven helpless newborns kittens in the box. It seemed they were thrown to fate.

Of course, Brawly took all of them to the house and took care of them. Banner helped her with that. She behaved like a mother, all the time was next to them, making their sleep warm and comfortable.

This little expression of kindness did our day warmer. Tag your friends in the comments to make them see this nice story.