A man rescued 400-ib bear from drowning.

Have you ever seen a beer? Even if you haven’t you might know that they are extremely large, fast and strong. If you ever meet a bear there is no way for escape. Black bear can get 6 feet tall and can weigh from 200 to 600 pounds.
United States are well known with their black bears. However, they are more common in some states. Once a black bear was noticed in Florida, which is not so common for that region. Of course, the residents started worrying.

The neighborhood was very stressed to know that a black bear was easily walking close to them. Wildlife officials had no other chance than to tranquilize the bear.

They found the bear and shot him with tranquilized dart. The bear started to panic and run away. It was very dangerous both for the bear and for the neighborhood.

The bear ran into the ocean and in order to escape started swimming. However, the tranquilization started to work and step by step the bear was losing its capacities to move.

A biologist Adam decided to save the bear. He jumped into the water and swam to the bear. Even though the bear was way heavier than Adam, he knew that if he doesn’t save him, the bear was gonna die.

The bear couldn’t move anymore. Adam kept swimming with him. He swam for about 75 feet. Adam didn’t give up no matter what and finally got the bear out of the water.

The Osceola National Forest team took the bear back to the forest. However, we think that the bear would never forget Adam.

Adam did the most heroic thing ever and proved that you don’t need a superpower to be a hero.

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