A modern house in the cliffs: An architect created house in harmony with nature and industry.

Architect designer created a house which harmonizes with nature and industry. According to the project the house is located in the huge cliff.

According to the author the project should be considered as a modern interpretation of Mada’in Saleh, one of the UNESCO heritage in Saudi Arabia.

He was very inspired by the Mada’in Saleh while creating this project. The house looks like being grown from the cliff. The main part of the house is rectangular.

There are many features in the house: pool on the roof, another pool with the transparent ground looking down from the cliff. The house looks very modern; however, the architecture kept some walls of natural stone.

Inside the cliff, he inserted stairs and corridors to connect different parts of the house. Hence, he got a multifunctional house with different panoramic views in the heart of nature.

Would you like to live in this house?