A Pitbull was rescued and taken care of. A photo session with her pregnant shows how happy she is now.

Today we would like to share a story of this happy mummy, who had really bad times. This story took back our trust in humanity, hopefully, it will do the same with you.

A cute Pitbull was left alone on the streets. She was hopeless, homeless and lost. Happily, a non-indifferent man took her to the animal control officer. For several days there were trying to find her owner, however in vain.

The animal control officer couldn’t take care of her for a long time since she was pregnant and needed more attention. Happily, she was adopted by an organization that takes care of rescued dogs.

When she was taken by her new friends, she couldn’t control her emotions, she looked very happy. One of the members of the organization, Loren, was a photographer and decided to take photos of the future mummy.

She wanted to help the dog and future puppies to get more chances to find a family. When the puppies were born, Loren took a photo of the whole family.

Soon the puppies would be ready to leave alone, but these happy photos will continue melting even the coolest hearts.