A Reverse Zoo in China lets the animals free, while people are in cages.

More and more countries started refusing the entertainment with real animals, they go viral or close the zoos at all. However, this Chinese zoo found a perfect solution – a reserve zoo.
Zoos are very important experience for children to discover the world, that’s why this Chinese zoo found a perfect solution to not torture animals in small cages and at the same time allow people observe them.

A wildlife zoo in Chingqing, China decided to let the animals free and put people in cages instead of animals.
This is a lifechanging experience when these big kittens start playing with the cage and you are locked with no way to escape.

The guests are warned to keep their hands by them and don’t touch the cage, because for a wild tiger they might become a delicious breakfast.

To make the animals approach the cage and make the experience unforgettable, the workers of zoo attach meat on the cage. So, the tigers approach and eat meat, while people observe them.

The tours are usually booked three months before, so if you want to visit it you need to book beforehand.

Would you like to experience something like this? It’s something that, we are sure, you’ve never experienced.