African Cow Grows World’s Biggest Horns. They Are Impressive!

There are also heroes among animals. For example, this cow has the largest horns in the world. Her name is Lurch. Her horns are 92.25 cm long and weigh more than 45 kg each. We, at Beautiful World, cannot even imagine how she holds them with such a small head.

Janice Wolf got this cow from her friend. Since then, she has been living on a farm in Arkansas. The cow is already 7 years old.

This breed is famous for its characteristical big horns; however, this cow is unique.

She has twice more massive horns than the average.

The cow became very famous. Many articles were written about her.

Thanks to Lurch, Janice founded a charity fund for animal rescuing and caring. After curing animals, she finds an owner.

Could you imagine that big horns might bring so much luck to the other animals?