21 Awesome Design Ideas That Will Make Your Place A Dream House.

At some point in our life, we all dream about a comfortable, stylish place to live. Some of us manage to create their dream corners in their current houses, some of us keep dreaming, but we always imagine something warming and cozy.

Beautiful World would like to give you 21 awesome ideas for your dream corner so that one day it will come into reality.

1. There is almost no-one who didn’t dream about a house on the trees in their childhood. Here is an awesome house, which is cheap and easy to bring into reality.

2. Yes, after a hard-working day this is what we want – a hanging bed in the calm nature.

3. The best road from bedroom right into the pool.

4. For movie lovers – a perfect corner to enjoy evenings.

5. “I want to lie in my bad and look at the stars” – a simple wish that is not a dream anymore.

6. Imagine yourself in this place with a lovely book and nothing else matters.

7. A bedroom with moving walls to fully feel the nature in the morning.

8. A magic lamp.

9. A perfect pool to enjoy the view.

10. A system for a cat to move from one place to another.

11. I want to live here – a house with glass walls with a perfect view.

12. A secret door

13. A glass floor of this bathroom is located above the elevator shaft. It would be fun to see your guests’ faces when the elevator starts going down when they are in the bathroom.

14. Moving garage – very comfortable and saves space


15. Labyrinth aquarium

17. Cement mixer for disco lovers

18. A perfect tent to be separated and at the same time feel a part of nature.

19. A cozy library in the forest.

20. Secret wine storage.

21. Bathroom with a fireplace – my dream for today.


Which one is the best solution for you? Please tell us in the comments.