Brigitte Macron – one of the most stylish first ladies, reveals her secrets.

A young student fell in love with his teacher. Thanks to his persistence, he got her attention and love. This young student is now the President of France – Emmanuel Macron, while the teacher is Brigitte Macron. No doubt, the first lady of France is one of the most extraordinary women in politics. Her amazing love story captured the hearts of everyone. The age difference between them is 24 years. Brigitte is 65 years old. Despite her age, Brigitte astonishes with her fresh look and style.

Beautiful World would like to share the practical secrets of the First Lady to be young and always in harmony with yourself.

Guillaume Gomez, a chef at the Champs Elysees, prepares Bridget food, and this is one of the main secrets.

Guillaume feeds the entire presidential family according to the best French recipes. He cooks only from products that were produced in France.

The cook admits: “Of course, there are products that are not produced in France – for example, coffee. However, everything else, we take only from local producers.” There is also an idea of building a greenhouse specifically for the presidential house.

On spite of everything, Macrons eat everything: from sandwiches to delicacies. There is only one obligatory point – you need to eat up to 10 different vegetables and fruits per day.

The family tries to eat only healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals and adheres to the rule: eat not too fast and in small portions.

They give special attention even to utensils. Even at these times, you can eat from copper dippers in the Champs Elysees.

In addition, Bridget devotes time to sports, carefully selecting exercises for herself.

Hence, we can conclude that healthy food and sports are not only a guarantee of good physical shape but also they guarantee good health at any age. Moreover, you should never neglect vitamins.

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