Each Employees Of This Company Got $50.000 As A New Year Bonus. Their Reaction Is Priceless.

Edward Saint-John, the Chief Executive of a big construction company, organized an unforgettable Christmas Party for his employees. The CEO is already 81 years old, but he appreciates his entire team a lot. The corporate party of St. John Properties, Inc company ended up with lots of tears, but tears of happiness. That day Edward expressed his gratitude to the employees in a very generous way:

During the Christmas corporate party, the CEO announced that he was going to spend $10 million on bonuses to employees. Each of 200 employees got $50 thousand as a bonus. Besides, everyone received an additional thirteen salary.
The bonus was so lifechanging that most of the employees burst into tears.
This touching moment was recorded in the video, and the reaction of employees is simply priceless.

In the interview, the CEO told that this year the company managed to build 61 million square meters of real estate, and this was possible only with the help of his team. He wanted to express his gratitude and couldn’t think about a better way than this one.

He also mentioned that he wanted to thank the employees in the way it could change their lives, and he is very touched with their reaction.

Isn’t it important to see that your hard teamwork brings the company success? As well as, it is essential to know that the company values your loyalty, and shows its gratitude in such an unexpected way.

St. John Properties Announces $10 Million Bonus for All 198 Employees from St. John Properties on Vimeo.

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