Father took a photo-session of his brutal toddler. They are hilarious!

Rayan was born 3 weeks earlier than it was estimated. He weighed less than 3 kg. In the hospital, they had been taking care of him for 6 weeks. These 6 weeks seemed a century for the parents.

Father says that when their first child was born, they were taking photos while she was doing sport. However, Rayan was still weak to do sport. Once he was talking to his wife, and he joked that the child was not premature, he was simply advanced. And that was it – the main theme of photo-session. They took a photo of the child making mature things.

Beautiful World wants to share with you the photos and give a portion of happiness to you.

The process of taking a photo on average took from 15 to 20 minutes. Most of the time went for setting right lighting and composition.

Parents decided on the place and requisites beforehand. During the photo session, the mother held the child all the time, and the father took the photos. From many photos, he chose the right position of body parts, combined them in photoshop, deleted the wife from the photo and here it is – a perfect photo of a toddler being brutal.

1. I am tired of the beard.

2. It’s time to cut the grass

3. Superman

4. Playing poker with friends

5. Winter is coming

6. Fishing is what helps me put together my thoughts

7. Mammy needs my help

8. Thanksgiving Day – hungry as ever

9. Going to work (yes, he has his own cute little bag)

10. Gym time

11. Getting ready for the next summer

12. Ryan is 6 moths now – happy and healthy

We are curious about what will Ryan tell when he looks at these photos on his 18th.