Hell on Earth: Australia on Fire.

It seems that in 2020 we reached the top of tension. Almost everyone is talking about World War III and the fire in Australia. Today we all are standing in front of global issues created by us. Australian forests are damaged and the whole ecosystem too. Around 1 billion animals are estimated dead in the fire. The fire is so enormous that it’s seen even from the space. Despite all the bad things the fire brought, the Australians are standing together in helping each other and rescuing wild animals.

Beautiful World would like to share the photos of the fire and call everyone to take global warming seriously. It’s time to act and do it all together.

1. It looks like a scene from a move but it’s a reality

2. Surrealistic

3. This is how they save the animals

4. Someone found the safe place finally

5. The heroes of our times

6. No matter if your life is in danger too, animals are the priority




10. Firefighters don’t leave their working places

11. Animals are shocked

12. The whole mountain is in fire

13. Smoke colors the sky

14. A firefighter dances when it’s raining

15. No filters or other photo editing applied

16. It looks like hell

17. What forest looks like now

18. Melbourne now

19. More than 1000 people leave on the beach to save of fire

20. The sky is over

Australia is in danger and the whole planet too.