How Should The Ideal Female Body Look? The Answer Is Reviled!

Recently scientists have made researches to determine the perfect female body shapes. According to them, Kelly Brook is the etalon of the ideal woman body. During the researched, the scientists took into account every aspect – starting from hair and ending up with the thumbs on feet.

Even though her shapes are far from the modern standards of the fashion industry, the scientists proved that her body is the one for which everyone has to aim.

We are convinced, that every woman is beautiful the way she is. However, Beautiful World would like to share the surprising conclusion of the scientist. The woman on these photos has the ideal body, according to the researchers.

Kelly Brook is 168sm height with 99-69-92 body shapes.

She is a fabulous example that if you got additional kilograms, you shouldn’t run to the gym to lose weight.

She has never done any plastic surgeries and is happy with her appearance.

The scientists claim that her body is ideal, and it is hard to disagree.

Kelly never spends hours in the gym and is never on a diet. She enjoys her life and eats healthy food.

In one of her interviews, she told that she always wanted to look like the beauties of the last century and not like the modern models.

Do you agree that she is gorgeous?