If you have not seen what envy looks like, then this selection is for you!

We are used to think that envy is a very negative felling, which is very hard to control. “She got a newer dress”, “His ha the brand new car”, “This person is more popular than I am”… all this thoughts bring to the constant unsatisfaction and negativity. However, we think that it is important to concentrate on self-development and values not the negative envy. Nevertheless, we assure that envy might be very funny, if we look at it from another perspective.
Beautiful World presents a selection of really funny photos, where the envy is presented from the funniest way.

1. I think a new war between cats and dogs is very close

2. Don’t hug her, you bastard!

3. Just stop your cuddling

4. A cute family photo, which shows everything

5. This is how envy looks like

6. Cutest love of siblings

7. Woman envy – it’s really scaring

8. All the shades of envy

9. Someone does hate this squirrel

10. Would you dare not to share with them?

11. Joe, doesn’t share food

12. He has a plan

13. I’m sick of these coddlers

14. I want you to love only me

15. Mine!

16. I think the bird needs a bodyguard

17. Me and my friends

18. This is how a broken heart looks like

19. An ice-cream which is loved by more people than me

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