10+ Incredible Sculptors Who Found The Tenderness In Stone And Made It Look Delicate.

The sculpturing is one of the most challenging art styles. After the times of renaissance, Michelangelo, Donatello, and many other masters of sculpturing, it is extremely hard to present a piece of art that would astonish everyone. Nevertheless, talented artists sometimes exceed all expectations and create stone masterpieces that amaze with their tenderness.
Beautiful World would like to present you these incredible sculptors who have a delicate look to the stone and turned it into silk.

1. Virgin Mary – Giovanni Strazza, 1850s
He is a real magician who managed to revive the stone. The character of Virgin Mary with a veil usually is considered as one of the symbols of Italy.

2. The Dream of Sorrow and the Joy of a Dream – Rafael Monti, 1861
Rafael Monti first presented this incredible sculpture on the international exhibition in London in 1862. Until now this work stays in the same city in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

3. West Wind – Thomas Ridgway Gould, 1870
The work created by the American sculptor symbolizes the expansion of the United States to the west.

4. Sisters of Mercy – Rafael Monti, 1847
It is hard to believe that the sculpture is made of stone.

5. Ondine Coming Out of the Water – Chancey Bradley Eaves, 1880

6. The Lady Under the Veil – Rafael Monti, 1860

7. Rebecca Under the Veil – Giovanni Maria Benzoni, 1864

8. Cleanliness – Antonio Corradini, 1720s

9. Cupid under the veil, asking for alms – Prosper D’Epine, 1887

10. Christ under the Shroud – Giuseppe Sanmartino, 1753

11. The Vestal – Rafael Monti, 1847

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