“It’s Not a Bushfire, It’s an Atomic Bomb”. Here What Is Happening In Australia

It’s hard to find the right words to describe the catastrophe going on in Australia. The whole world is praying for rain in Australia. It seems nature got very angry about humanity.

We, at Beautiful World, would like to share the news from Australia and ask you, no matter if you’re spiritual or religious, please pray for rain.

The fire has started in September. Unfortunately, all the efforts by firefighters were in vain. The fire has been destroying Australian forests, wildlife, and cities.

Australia has one of the most valuable ecosystems. Many different indigenous animals are part of their incredible nature. Kangaroos, koalas, possums, and many others, unfortunately, they are all in danger. It’s terrifying that 30% of the koala colony is considered lost.

The only hope to stop the fire is rain.

The fire expands, destroys cities in a second. Almost 15.000 houses are ruined.

The dry climate contributes to its expanding.

3D visualisation of the fires in Australia right now made from NASA satellite data

23 people are dead, another six people are missing, a countless number of animals are lost or dead. Thousands of people have been evacuated 

Many people do not understand why it’s so hard to put out fires for such a long time. It’s enough to look at the scale of the country to see how huge it the problem. Sometimes the fire gets 7 meters height, and despite the amount of water, it’s like a drop in the sea of fire.

The scientists counted the impact of the fire. The New South Wales Transport Minister Andrew Constance claimed that the impact of the fires is the same as of the atomic bomb.

Grant Crapp fires
Grant Crapp/Instagram

FILE PHOTO: Sharnie Moren and her 18-month-old daughter Charlotte look on as thick smoke rises from bushfires near Nana Glen, near Coffs Harbour, Australia, November 12, 2019. AAP Image/Dan Peled/via REUTERS

It is terrifying. Please, pray for Australia.