Millionaire Lost All His Wealth And Moved To An Uninhabited Island To Live Without Money And People.

Almost all of us dream about a life of a millionaire, but we don’t even imagine what they are looking for in reality. Beautiful World would like to share a story of an ex-millionaire who lost his wealth and moved to live on an uninhabited island.

David Glashin is an Australian ex-millionaire. In 1987 he lost all his money on the stock market and instantly turned into a poor guy from a millionaire.

After that incident, David decided to rent an island not far from Australia and moved to live there alone.

Before moving to the island, he had a girlfriend from Zimbabwe, who supported this idea and moved to live with him on the island.

However, the girl couldn’t bear life without modern civilization and left David.

From that time on, David’s only friend has been his dog Quays. From time to time, tourists visit him, to see what the life of an ex-millionaire looks like. David is happy to host them.

He brews a foamy drink, grows vegetables, and has quite a comfortable life. He is very hospitable and treats all the guests with the foamy drink.

Once, a tourist even brought a mannequin, so David don’t feel alone.

David has only solar panels, so he has electricity in his handmade house.

David says that sometimes he misses communication with people; however, he enjoys the life in calmness and harmony.

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