Organic houses – a new trend that hobbits would be happy of.

If there are any positive developments in the modern world, they relate to ecology. People finally realized that respect for the environment is first and foremost a concern for their lives and the lives of future generations.

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When we hear about ecological houses, first of all, we imagine wooden homes or buildings made of stone. But this house of 1985, invented by a Mexican architect Javier Senosian, is an excellent example of organic architecture.

This architect is known for his extraordinary thinking. He builds houses inspired by flora and fauna.

We prepared photos of a few of them, which are incredibly beautiful.

Ecological houses are surrounded by trees and shrubs, which protect from sunlight, dust, and noise.

A grass roof will save you from heat and cold and help maintain comfortable room temperature.

Although the inside of the house resembles an underground cave, it is connected to the outside world by a large window.

The rooms are connected with tunnels.

And this is how it looks at the construction stage.

Would you live in this kind of house?