People Post Old Photos Of Their Relatives To Prove That Now Humanity Ages Slower.

Former professional baseball player Brandon McCarthy suddenly tweeted this question: “This is nonsense, but is it true that in the past, people in their youth looked older?” And of course, everyone started to post the photos of their relatives and celebrities, and it seems they kind of proved that theory.

Beautiful World would like to show you 21 photos shared in the comments of that post, and to ask your opinion about that theory? Tell us what you think

1. These are my parents, when my mother was pregnant with me. They are 23 here

2. Sparky Anderson (famous baseball coach) at 42

3. My grandmother is only 50 with something in this photo

4. Richie Valens was only 17. It is hard to believe, isn’t it?

5. My mother was 19 in this photo

6. Elizabeth Taylor at age 17. Beautiful, but looks older!

7. My father is 21 here

8. These guys are only 17

9. My father is 45 here and everyone was taking him for my grandpa

10. She is 32 years old in this picture. Although, this is the era of the Great Depression.

11. Guess how much? I am sure you lost; he is 24!

12. Dwayne Johnson at school looked older than now

13. In the first season of Merry Company, George Wendt was 33 and John Ratzenberger was 34

14. Larry Bird is around 25-30 years old here

15. Just look at the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Front row: 39, 33, 46;
Back row: 30, 40, 44

16. Please note O’Connor was only 47 at the beginning of “Everything in the Family”. Harrelson was 10 years older and looked 20 years younger

17. Sir Bobby Charlton was 32

18. Ray Nichke at 29

19. I am 44 – as much as the main character of the series “Mod”. I don’t look at all like that, even though my photo was taken at the most unfortunate moment

And of course, we couldn’t resist posting some sarcastic photos.
20. This man was only 25 in 1962

21. On the other hand: he turned 100 in 2018

Does it seem that the theory is true? Please write us in the comments.