The 14 Most Creative Houses, Where People Actually Live In.

The design of the house tells a lot about the person. How the colors of curtains suit to the colors of the pillows on the sofa, the coziness or minimalistic solutions, it all tells us the story of the house owner. And now imagine how much the design of exterior will tell about him.
Beautiful World collected 14 extraordinary houses that show the high level of creativity of the owner. These houses are inhabited, and we are really curios how they look from inside.

Music is my life. Located in Anhui, China

For traveler. Located in the village of Misiara, Northern Lebanon.

Something really surrealistic. Located in India.

It looks like aliens came to the Earth.

Bioclimatic sunny house in Cosville, eastern France

I think I know the favorite berry of the owner. Florida, USA

This house is built between the two rocks, it’s when nature is in harmony with industrialization. Casa do Penedo house in the mountains of Portugal.

Very creative look. Located in Thirau, New Zealand.

A house from the fairy tales.

If the Pisa tower were more flexible. Located in Indianapolis, USA

It looks like a scene from a futuristic cartoon.

Tour Pierre Cardin’s House in the South of France

The game Tetris in reality.

HABITAT 67 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Looks like a part of nature.

Upside down. Located in Szymbark, Poland.

A butterfly UFO houses.

Futuristic complex of 60 UFO-shaped houses made of durable fiberglass in Sanzhi County, Xinbei, Taiwan

And finally, a house that crosses all the boundaries of imagination — “Great Elephant”. This house is located in the Nanty island and is literally a walking robot-house with appearance of a futuristic elephant. Around 50 people can fit in it and enjoy their incredible journey in a mystical house.


Which one did you like the most? Would you live there?