The 20 Most Beautiful Japanese Pieces Of Jewelry That Fascinate With Its Beauty And Colors.

Shibori is a new Japanese technique, with the help of which they create handmade pieces of jewelry. Now, by the way, they are getting more and more popular. Shibori is associated with flowers – this is the technique of manually coloring a fabric. This technique considers twisting the fabric and dying it in many colors. As a result, you get fine beautiful pieces of fabric, to which various accessories are added to create unique jewelry. Japanese craft makers use that technique to create both necklaces and earrings and bracelets

Beautiful World has collected 20 incredible examples of jewelry created with Shibori technique that amaze with its details and beauty.

1. Incredible piece of art

2. It’s not so easy to combine colors correctly, but in the end you get such a beauty

3. Tenderness

4. They look very harmonized

5. You can add anything to them: sew on beads, glue pearls, stones, etc.

6. It looks perfect

7. The gradients are really incredible

8. This one looks amazing

9. You can combine whatever you wish, anyway it will have unbelievable look

10. It seems that it came out of a fairy forest

11. And this one was born from a fire

12. Red and green look amazing on this piece

13. Here are the bracelets that aren’t less amazing than necklaces

14. Chic

15. Delicate earrings

16. Amazing evening option

17. If you don’t know what to give to your mother or sister for Christmas

18. It looks so beautiful

19. These two colors combination is simply amazing

20. Tenderness as it is

Do you like this style? Are not they amazing gifts for beloved one?