The Most Incredible Photos Of The BigPicture Nature World Photography Competition Prove That Photography Is Also Art.

One of the most prestigious photography contests, the BigPicture Nature World Competition, announced its winners. More than 6.500 photos from over 67 countries were submitted in the competition this year. The competition asks photographers to submit the most astonishing photos of wild nature, and they are simply incredible. The photos are selected by the judges and experts. The winners presented their works on the annual photography exhibit on July 26, 2019.
Beautiful World would like to share with you the best photos of the competition that will make you love the wild nature with all your cells.

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1. Taking Center Stage – Audun Rikardsen, Norway 

The winner of the competition is Norwegian photographer Audun Rikardsen who captured a black grouse on the background of the incredible panoramic view. Audun is the professor of marine biology, and he spent several winters taking pictures of the eagles above the Norwegian coastline. However, he took this capture in the spring. He says it wasn’t the way that the grouse landed, he quickly took a camera and made a shot, the bird seemed to enjoy the process and made the photo possible.

2. The human touch – James Gifford

The photo was taken in Virunga National Park at the Senkwekwe Center for orphaned gorillas. The protagonist is Andre Bauma, who takes daily care of the animals in the park. He keeps risking and taking care of them, since over 170 rangers have been killed in the park. Unfortunately, poachers kill many gorillas, and people like Andre are the only ones who can save and help animals. While the photographer was watching this process, one of the gorillas hugged Andre. The friendly animal thinks people are like moms, and this is an excellent photo showing all the beauty of friendship between humans and animals.

3. Clouds of Salt – Chiara Salvadori

Chiara captured the surreal beauty of one of the world’s biggest salt pans on the high plains of northwestern Argentina. The photo is taken on the height of 3.900 meters when the shadow of the clouds dropped on the beautiful salty landscape. Pretty rare animals and plants can live in these circumstances, and this is one of the reasons why the views are so precious.

4. Boneyard Waltz – Daniel Dietrich

5. Curiosity – Mikhail Korostelev

6. Resilience – Julie Fletcher

7. Traveling to the edge – Buddy Eleazer

8. Duality – Armand Sarlangue

9. Losing wings – Piotr Naskrecki

10. Sea Dragon – Pier Mane

11. Bohemian Skirt – Jinggong Zhang

12 Alexandre Bonnefoy, “The More the Merrier.”

13 Andrew Peacock (Footloosefotography), 2014 Aquatic Life Finalist

14 Ben Cranke, 2014 Winged Life Finalist

15 Hilary O’Leary Wild, 2015 Human/Nature Finalist

16 Peter Mather Photography, 2017 Terrestrial Wildlife Finalist.

17 Photo by: 2018 Aquatic Life Finalist, Jordi Benitez Castells

18 Judge Greg du Toit, floppy-eared young elephant.

19 Marco Urso Photographer 

20 Steve Race Wildlife Photography 

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