The Owner Of The Restaurant Did Not Recognize Julia Roberts And Asked Her To Have A Walk.

We all think that celebrities have no problems, do not stay in ques and get much free staff. Well, sometimes it happens, but this story is going to break all the stereotypes about that.
Hollywood star Julia Roberts is a good example of a stereotype breaker.

Once Julia went to a Restaurant Winnipeg with her family. They wanted to have a cozy family evening and eat some falafels. When they went to the restaurant, it was full. The owner apparently did not recognize Julia Roberts and asked her to have a walk for 30 minutes and come back later.

“Pretty Woman” did so. As an ordinary person, without any questions, she left the restaurant.
One of the guests called the owner and asked whether he knew that he had asked Julia Roberts to leave. The owner could not believe that. Julia wore a black hat and sunglasses.

In 30 minutes, the family came back and ordered so much desired falafels and muffins.
When Julia took off her glasses and hat, all the visitors recognized her and started taking pictures of her.
Julia stayed calm and continued eating her falafel.

When they finished, the actress asked her son to pay the bill and leave some tips.
The owner of the restaurant confessed that he had never seen any movie with her and that’s why he didn’t recognize her. He was surprised by her modesty. He always thought that celebrities are arrogant and demand special attention.

Unfortunately, not all celebrities are like Julia. For example, once Pink went to the bar and since there were no free places to sit, she wrote a bad review on her Twitter. Many people answered that she was not supposed to get special treatment only because she is a celebrity.

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