The Photographer Takes Amazing Pictures Of Squirrels That You Will Absolutely Fell In Love With.

Autumn is the most colorful time of the year. The gradients of yellow, orange, red and green create incredible atmosphere of magic. When if not in Autumn take pictures of nature?
Photographer Van Duijn takes incredible captures of squirrels in the Autumn nature. He spends hours and hours to get only one capture of squirrels. His last successful photo session was about squirrels playing in the water with nuts.
Duijn says that he doesn’t put any deep meaning in the photo session, he is just enjoying taking them.

This is not his first experience of wild animals capturing, he had very beautiful photo sessions before too. However, Duijn admits that taking pictures of squirrels was one of the most difficult experiences he ever had.
“Squirrels are very dynamic and sensitive. They keep moving from a single sound. It’s really difficult to get a focused capture of them” says Duijn.
Beautiful World would like to share Duijn’s pictures of squirrels and the other majestic animals. See how beautiful the wild nature is in reality.










The photographer is not only specialized in capturing squirrels, but he also takes impressive pictures of other animals. They are as attractive and interesting and worth being seen.










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