The Touching Story Of A Bonsai Ttree, Which Survived The Hiroshima

A bonsai tree is a unique piece of Asian culture. They are one of the unusual plants on the planet. They usually are considered dwarf plants, but actually, any tree can be cultivated in the way to get a size of bonsai tree. They might live over 100 years and still look fresh and beautiful. 

The bonsai tree we would like to tell you the story about is already 394 years old and survived the Hiroshima bombing in 1945. Imagine how many stories could tell us this tree if it could speak.

The tree was planted in 1625 and is currently located in the US National Arboretum in Washington. The tree was donated to the US by bonsai master Masaru Yamaki in 1976 in memory of survivors of Hiroshima bombing.

Masaru and his family lived in Hiroshima in 1945 when US forces started bombing it. Around 140.000 people were killed during those horrible events. Fortunately, the Yamaki family managed to survive and saved the bonsai tree too.

After the donation of the tree to the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum, the tree stayed there until now.  However, no-one knew that the tree is connected to the events in Hiroshima. That fact was discovered unexpectedly. 

In 2001 Yamaki’s grandsons visited the museum, and after that, the museum emphasized the history of the tree on their website.

This piece of Asian aesthetic culture is not only the symbol of two nations’ friendship but also its presence is the symbol of everyone who went through who knows what and survived.

We, at Beautiful World, would like to end this story with the wish of peace, so no more trees hold such a terrific story behind: