The Women of The Australian Islamic Centre Raised $1500 And Organized Breakfast for 150 Eexhausted Firefighters.

Australian bushfire showed the world that all the firefighters are true heroes. They don’t sleep days and nights and continue fighting against the big catastrophe. However, this story isn’t about them.

Today, we at Beautiful World would like to tell you the story of other heroes who are here to support firefighters.

The woman of the Australian Islamic Centre raised $1500, that they initially planned to provide for their youth program. However, after seeing the tireless work of firefighters, they decided to donate all the money to support them.

They started to make a plan about where to go and what to bring on these amounts of money.

Ladies contacted the Melbourne firefighters’ captain, who could barely keep his tears when he heard what the ladies were going to bring.

So, the enthusiastic group started to plan its departure with all the needed supplies.

When they arrived in Johnsonville, they immediately started to provide the needed supplies: female hygiene products, water bottles, fruit, milk, and many others.

But they didn’t stop there. The ladies organized breakfast for 150 firefighters.

“It’s hard to describe with words our gratitude. We tirelessly fight for our country, and these girls brought a large portion of motivation to us,” said one of the firefighters.

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