These 10 Countries Are A Perfect Choice For Those Who Want To Leave Everything And Move To Another Place.

Dreaming about leaving everything and moving to another country? Well, it’s pretty achievable!
Every year International Living journal publishes a list of countries that are perfect for those who want to live abroad and work as a freelancer. The list is created based on different criteria – climate, costs of living, healthcare, etc.

Beautiful World would like to share the best 10 countries of the list 2019 that are perfect for living. Pack yourself.

1. Panama

Pros: Warm climate, but hurricanes might happen. Currency — American dollar. Cheap and quality healthcare. Excellent infrastructure, fast internet.

Prices: The monthly budget for a couple — from $ 1,765 to $ 2,890 in the capital, in other cities — even less.
Apartments by the sea — $ 650 per month for a one-room apartment (you can also find cheaper)
Cinema ticket — $ 6.
Men’s haircut — $ 3
Business lunch — $ 7-10

2. Costa Rica

Pros: Fishing, golf, horse riding, surfing, hiking, diving, yoga and so on. Warm sunny weather, markets with fresh fruits and vegetables. Stable democracy.
Prices: The monthly budget for one person is $ 1,585–2,960. For a couple, $ 2,500 or less.
Lunch at the restaurant — $ 4-5
Visit to the doctor — up to $ 50.

3. Mexica
Pros: Rich culture, colorful homes, art, music, theater. Famous beaches.
Prices: The budget for one person is $ 1,500–2,250 per month, for two — $ 1,500–3,000

4. Ecuador
Pros: Clean nature, friendly people, excellent level of service and modern cities. And the climate is like in paradise — from hot beaches to cool highlands.
Prices: The monthly budget for one is $ 1,170–1,275. For a couple, about $ 1,620.
One- room apartment for rent — from $ 400 per month, $ 450 within walking distance from the beach and $ 700 with sea views.

5. Malaysia
Pros: the entire population speaks English. Very cheap houses. Fast, cheap and convenient public transport.
Prices: The monthly budget for one is $ 1,000–1,500, and $ 1,500–2,500 per month is enough for a luxurious life for two.
Lunch at the restaurant — from $ 5

6. Colombia
Pros: Affordable world-class medicine. Friendly, hospitable people.
Prices: The monthly budget for one is $ 1,200–1,600, for two — about $ 2,191 in the best area of Medellin.
Traditional local lunch — $ 2-3, lunch in an expensive restaurant — up to $ 10.

7. Portugal
Pros: Slow life, very hospitable people. Stunning beauty — from historical sites to gorgeous beaches.
Prices: The monthly budget for one is about $ 2,034, in Lisbon a little more expensive. A couple can comfortably live on $ 2,500 a month.
Three-course lunch with coffee costs about $ 10

8. Peru
Pros: Machu Picchu. Kilometers of beaches and delicious cuisine.
Prices: One person can comfortably live on $ 1,146 a month. For a couple, $ 2,000 a month is enough.
Three-course lunch — $ 2.50.

Machu Picchu Peru. UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World

9. Thailand
Pros: it is impossible to get bored here — everyone will find something to their liking. The country is located in the very center of Southeast Asia, which makes it an excellent place for exploring the region.
Prices: The budget for one is $ 952–1,153 per month.
Rent a modern studio apartment — $ 400 per month.
Rent a house on the beach— up to $ 1,500 per month.

10. Spain

Plus: The best beaches in Europe. The highest standard of living. One of the best healthcare systems in the world. Delicious food.
Prices: Anywhere in Spain, the budget for one is $ 2,000 or even less per month. For two — about $ 2,500 per month.

Which place would you like to visit first?