This African Guy Recreates “Cheap Version” of Celebrity Photos. These Are The Funniest Imitations You Have Ever Seen.

Many celebrities sometimes wear quite odd clothes. Even though they are all made by famous designers and many people worked to create the character of the night, sometimes they simply look funny. The Funny Toheeb from Africa recreated the “cheap versions” of the celebrities’ dresses and make it simply perfecr.

Beautiful World would like to present you 30 hilarious works by Toheeb that illustrate the recreation of the dresses of celebrities. Enjoy!

1. Toheeb created hilarious cheap dresses inspired by the dresses of celebrities.

2. He tells that sometimes the material is just over there, you just need to notice it.

3. In one of his interviews he mentioned that it takes quite a long time to create the dress similar to theirs.

4. All his characters are hilarious and make our day.

5. Just look how creative he is.

6. This is gonna be the new trend.

7. Perfect camouflage for hunting?

8. Mother of dragons…?

9. Not a Chef Cook but a Chef God.

10. A perfect outlook.

11. He is gorgeous.

12. When you’re hungry you can eat your hair.

13. Aquaman.

14. So the model is ready.

15. Kim Kardashyan.

16. Future trends are coming.

17. The birth of Venera.

18. My belly.

19. Find 10 differences.

20. His costume is made of paper.

21. Red hot chilly papers?

22. When you want to show you’re a millioner, just order a costume with money print.

23. This is gorgeous.

24. When you are better than any famous designer.

25. No comment.

26. Yellow.

27. When you accidentally when out in the home slippers.

28. Royalton adore it.

29. I am a ninja.

30. No more ideas for the Halloween?

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