This Couple Adopted 3 Biological Brothers And Became Proud Parents Just To Keep Them Together.

Lena and K Currie started their adoption journey in 2017 when they first met 18-month-old Joey at the Children’s Friend event. They felt that this is their child at first glance, and they started the adoption process. When Joey turned 2, Lena and KC finally managed to adopt him.

Of course, they didn’t know that the universe prepared surprises for them. Several weeks later Curries got a call from Children’s Friends, who informed that Joey had a little 6-week-old brother, who also needed a family.

No time for thinking was needed, Curries decided to adopt little brother too. And after some time, the family had one more member.

At that time Curries discovered that there was a middle brother who lived with a foster family. That family planned to adopt him. Lena and KC couldn’t feel more disappointed, but luckily for them, the adoption process fell through, and Curries managed to adopt the middle brother too.

This story couldn’t end better. 3 biological brothers are together in a caring family. Lena and KC seem to be the happiest couple ever, and they feel fortunate to adopt these three incredible children.

It is essential to mention that there are over 125.000 children in the US waiting to be adopted. National Adoption Day is celebrated on Saturday before Thanksgiving. On that day, all the courts and communities come together and finalize the adoption of thousands of children. Many children like Joey, Logan, and Noah are waiting for their parents, and on that day, a lot of them get the second chance to have a real family.