This Couple Built A Perfect House On Wheels And Shows The Best Way To Start Travel And Live.

This couple in USA changed its life dramatically. They sold their old house and their last money spent on an old bus. You think why? They started a general renovation of the bus and built a gorgeous house on wheels.
Beautiful World would like to share with you their story and encourage for crazy ideas. This is the story which encourages to follow the dreams.

Tony and Michael always dreamt about a house on the wheels, but they couldn’t afford it. They had to live in an old house and continued dreaming about travelling. With their last savings they decided to buy a bus and spent a fortune to renovate it.

Their relatives and friends helped them to build their dream house.

Everything is handmade. It’s not a simple house on wheels it’s a totally functioning house.

They have everything needed for a comfortable house.

Even a bathroom, and everything is made with refined taste.

Here you can see their bedroom.

Even their kids have very comfortable beds.

Here is their dog Apollon, who has his own place in the house.

To make house warm even at the wintertime, Tony and Michael created an oven to make room warmer.

We are sure you’re curious about the kitchen. Here it is – wide and stylish.

They took everything that is emotionally important with them.

Michael and Tony made a small new-coming celebration in 2018 and since then they travelled all country long.

They passed more than 8000km and it’s not the end.

They don’t forget about holidays and decorate house for the Christmas.

They say that this is the life they were dreaming about.

What do you think about this house? Would you like to live this way? Tell us in comments.