This Dramatic Cat Just Wanted to Get Home But Became The Star of Internet Memes

Usually, women are considered to be drama queens, but we’ve found a cat who bet all the records in his hilarious dramatism. The photo of a cat, begging to enter the house, instantly became very popular on the Internet. The sense of humor of users couldn’t allow passing by this photo, and an incredible number of memes started appearing on the Internet.

We, at Beautiful World, chose the best ones and decided to share them with you. This cat will make your day as he did ours. Don’t forget to share your emotions with us in the comments.

This is how the original photo looked like.

And here is what the creative users created.

1. No more drama, please!

2. This cruel woman didn’t save even the cat.

3. Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

4. Stopping the system

5. This one is heartbreaking

6. Hey, woman! Drop this f*cking stick and save me!

7. I am Groot

8. I can’t watch this scene without tears

9. Even more drama

10. So close, but so far at the same time

11. He looks amazing everywhere

12. Let me in!

13. Cat for the president!

14. The best actor

15. Scream