This Guy Made An Amazing Chemical Experiment And Got An Incredible Amount of Foam. No Chance To Escape From It.

The experiment is called “Elephant Toothpaste”. Nick and his friends organized it in the backyard of his friend’s house.

For this experiment, they used only 4 ingredients: 625 liters of 35 percent hydrogen peroxide, 29 bottles of liquid soap, blue dye for a pleasant color, and 90 liters of potassium iodide as a catalyst.

Everything had been mixed beforehand, and in the end, the guys only had to add the catalyst. They had only one second to escape from the incredible amount of foam.

They made roughly 200 cubic meters of foam. If you can’t imagine that number, just look at the photos.

The experiment is a world record in elephant toothpaste creation. And according to the house owner, it was worth ruining his home.


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It’s incredible, isn’t it? Just don’t repeat it at home.