This Talented Artist Created An Artificial Rainbow From Threads That Looks Like He Broke Up Light With A Prism.

Modern art is a very controversial subject. Some say that the art is dead and modern art only proves it, the others admire it, anyway many artists continue to bring their imagination into life. One of the recent modern art installations conquered the heart of the critics.

Beautiful World would like to share the photos of the rainbow installation created by a Mexican artist, who brought architecture and art into another level.

Gabriel Dawe is a Mexican artist who experiments with embroidery.

He realized that threads look very ethereal, and he decided to use them in the creation of his artworks.

The “Plexus 35” is one of his most successful installations that he gifted to the Toledo Museum of Art. By this artwork located in the middle of a hall in the museum, he wanted to show the difference between new and old.

The installation looks like a frozen light in space and is really incredible.

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